The Truth Will Out by Jane Isaac

What would you do if you witnessed an assault over the internet? That’s the dilemma facing Eva when a Skype call to her best friend Naomi turns nasty. In fear for her own life, Eva flees… and DCI Helen Lavery is the woman left picking up the pieces. Uncovering a web of corruption, violence andContinue reading “The Truth Will Out by Jane Isaac”

Poppet by Mo Hayder

Reading Mo Hayder is a singularly visceral¬†experience. I can only describe it as like the bit on¬†a rollercoaster when you’re inching up the track, knowing that any moment you’ll plunge downwards at terrifying speed, leaving your insides miles behind you – the anticipation is terrifying, and the outcome… well. You can work it out. IContinue reading “Poppet by Mo Hayder”