Authenticity Reading

Have you written a story, novel, article or other document that includes themes of adoption, fostering, children living in care or developmental trauma?

If you want to make it as realistic, accurate and sensitive as possible, avoiding stereotypes or misinformation, an authenticity read can help.

These are sometimes referred to as sensitivity reads, but I prefer authenticity as a term, as that more accurately reflects the aim of the writer to show the issues with as great a depth and realism as possible. In short, it makes your writing better.

As an adoptive parent and someone who has worked with children both living in care and with significant trauma, I’ve both read and researched the issues in depth, lived it, and am immersed in it. I’ve done extensive research into developmental trauma, therapeutic parenting techniques and trauma-informed practice. Adoption is a theme that frequently occurs in childrens’ literature in particular, and sometimes is not depicted realistically, or even includes harmful stereotypes, or comments that would be hurtful to readers who have experienced this in real life.

An authenticity read is a close reading of the manuscript, with constructive feedback on these issues only, in the form of a short report. If you wish, you can combine this with a manuscript assessment, which will also look at plot, structure, characterisation, pace, tone, viewpoint and narrative style in general, for a more comprehensive assessment of your work.

I aim to be affordable with my prices. Please contact me to discuss your manuscript and I offer a free, no obligation quote.

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