Enrich Your Craft

Have you written a story or novel and would like a professional opinion? Asking family and friends to read it can be uncomfortable. An independent, professional assessment, with constructive feedback, can really help you polish your writing and get your manuscript ready for the next step.

I can help you:

Have you written a story, novel, report or brochure, and want it to be perfect before it goes to print? An editor can help polish your prose, ensure accuracy and consistency, and structure your work so it hits the right spot.

I can help you:

Have you written a website, brochure, report, novel or document of any kind and are you worried that there might be spelling, grammar, punctuation or layout mistakes? When you’re close to a document, having read it umpteen times, it gets harder to spot those little errors that make it look that make it look a little less professional. Make sure your work is perfect.

I can help you:

Have you written a story, novel or any document about adoption, fostering or children living in care? It’s a sensitive subject. To ensure your work is authentic to these experiences and avoids stereotyping or misinformation, it helps to have someone with expert knowledge read it through and give you constructive feedback.

I can help you:

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