Copy-editing is done to a document in its draft stages.

It is a check on spelling, grammar and punctuation, but more than this, on the writing style as a whole, ensuring readability, flow and correcting any issues with tone or structure. Copy-editing also identifies any inconsistencies in content or style, or inaccuracies, and as such highlights any permissions or legal issues.

A copy-edit makes changes to your work at both line (sentence) and structural level. It is best done as the work nears completion, and does not include substantial rewriting of a document. For work still in early draft stage, a developmental edit may be more appropriate, which can highlight larger or more extensive changes.

I can work on novels, short stories, brochures, website content, reports and non-fiction.

I aim to keep my prices affordable. Contact me to discuss your requirements and for a free, no obligation quote. I also offer sample page / chapter edits.

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