The Blue Book of Nebo by Manon Steffan Ros

This short novel has captured by breath and is holding my heart hostage. So deceptively simple, it is poignant, shocking and haunting. It tells the tale of teenager Dylan, who lives with his mother Rowenna in a small cottage in rural Wales. This is their notebook, chronicling what happened at the End, from the rumours,Continue reading “The Blue Book of Nebo by Manon Steffan Ros”

Blood Family by Anne Fine

This was an interesting one to review – it tackles a subject close to my heart, and is by an author whose novels I have enjoyed, but with whom I don’t always agree. Her public reaction to Melvin Burgess’s Doing It beingĀ a case in point – the golden rule is don’t criticise a novel ifContinue reading “Blood Family by Anne Fine”