Breakdown by Katherine Amt Hanna

I simply cannot resist an apocalypse story. Especially one grounded in real life, rather than fantasy / horror tropes. So Breakdown was a must! It’s very different from the usual premise. A virus¬†wipes out a critical portion of the world’s population, meaning that the survivors have to painstakingly reconstruct society (oh, how I loved theContinue reading “Breakdown by Katherine Amt Hanna”

A bit of light reading and some heavy weeding…

Well the blog has taken a back seat for a while as the summer ramped up… I’ve been juggling some major garden renovation with allotmenting, which has kept me outside in the sun far too much! I can advise that trying to grow a lawn from seed in the hottest few weeks of the yearContinue reading “A bit of light reading and some heavy weeding…”