Green Eyed and Grim by Selina Lock

I’ve become very excited about independent presses and self-publishing since attending two exciting events this year – States of Independence and the Self-Publishing Conference – and am itching to start reading the wealth of new material out there. So it seemed a good idea to start with a book by someone I actually know, who’s successfully navigated this brave new publishing world, and is inspiring me to delve deeper into more interesting and lesser known channels of fiction. Selina’s latest novella – she’s already had short stories and graphic novels published by independent presses – is part of a series about the “periodic adventures” of Senor 105, a Mexican wrestler who is also a hero outside the ring, battling otherworldly menaces and demonic forces, aided by his young sidekick Rodrigo, and Sheila – an alien in the form of a talking helium balloon. In this installment the trio have to aid Arella, a young reaper who has the power to help dying people move easily into the next life, stop her brother Callum from abusing their powers. It’s action-packed, funny, ever so slightly mad, and has animated fighting skeletons – what more can you ask for?! I loved the colourful setting of Mexico with its culture saturated with folklore; it’s the perfect place to encounter such bizarre characters and madcap adventures, and the series is replete with nods to cult tv and films which add to the humour. Very enjoyable indeed!

The Periodic Adventures of Senor 105 are published online by Manleigh Books, self-confessed purveyors of modern pulp, and you can download their titles at very reasonable prices at their website

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